EK Auld (mrbuffaroo) wrote in playwrights,
EK Auld

First Annual Main Street Stage Short Play Festival

Attention Playwrights!

Main Street Stage presents its First Annual Short Play Festival, featuring pieces written by You! Submit your one-act plays (15 to 30 minutes in length) by November 15th for a chance to see them performed by living, breathing people this January! E-mail all scripts to
aulde272@strose.edu, or mail them, along with a SASE, to: Short Play Festival, P.O. Box 137, North Adams, MA 01247. Include your name, address, phone number, and e-mail on all submissions. Multiple submissions are not only accepted, but encouraged. For any
questions or concerns, contact Eric K. Auld at (518) 610-2574.

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