Counter Culture Freak (pdxwannabe) wrote in playwrights,
Counter Culture Freak

This writer’s dream, to be a playwright-in-residence...

This NY times article says something I feel: "If we wanted to do one single thing to improve the theatrical climate in America, we’d assign one playwright to every theater that has a resident acting company."

I'm trying to circumvent the system by making a playwright reading circle but the truth is my dream is still to do the above.

Playwrights can't get grant money on their own.  But are a LIST of grant opportunities available for playwrights that are working WITH a theatre.  And grant money is the way us artists (in modern times) get to have a patron.  

Most articles I read say that playwrights CAN'T make enough money to have that as their main career.  We're supposed to get a primary job to support our art, which I think is a real shame.  I'm lucky to have someone that supports me even if I make no money but it'd sure be nice if I COULD bring some money home.    
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