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Writers! Give us your Revelations!

Tales of an Unsettled City: RevelationsWriters! Theatre Unleashed is continuing it's late night series of original short works with it's third installment of Tales of an Unsettled City: Revelations. Following Beginnings, and Encounters, Revelations should inspire from you that moment in which you realize who or what you're really dealing with, after all the layers are peeled away. Is a long lost friend really taking advantage of you, or is the party you're supposed to go to really the preamble for a ritualistic hazing. We welcome stories from all walks of city life and inspired by almost anything. From the poetic (we accept poetry), to the abstract to the absurd or the musical, the monologue or the wonderful scenes, don't feel afraid to explore and enhance your story by trying something new and bold as we take time to reveal to the audiences one of the most crucial, and emotionally charged steps in city life. Submission can be anywhere from 1 page to 10. Just make them count! Deadline is July 9th. Revelations will premiere after Theatre Unleashed's August's Main Stage shows All in the Timing and 4.48 Psychosis every Saturday evening at 10:30pm. Send Submissions to Matt Ryan ( and Carlos Martinez (
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