Stephy (labellamafia494) wrote in playwrights,

One Act Plays

So I'm in somewhat of a bind, and I'd love your help. I just got accepted into an intense directing class I didn't think I had a chance at, and now I have to make the right choice of play to produce. Something that turns my crank and can sustain interest/analysis for seven months.

"Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" and "Push Up 1/3" are my two favorite plays, which I'd absolutely adore directing.

BUT, the play has to be: one act, no more than an hour, and with 2 to 5 characters. It eliminates those two.

I'm looking for one that fits into those characteristics, with witty, fast-paced and biting dialogue a la Albee. Words that don't beat around the bush. zing. The Zoo Story and The American Dream have already been done in the class, so they are sadly eliminated.

Any suggestions? I'd be forever grateful.
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