Meredith (adisturbdwriter) wrote in playwrights,

Why, yes, of course...

I was the first place-winning playwright in a contest this year. My play about Leo Frank is being produced in Buffalo at the big theatre, Shea's, in May.

And as a possible discussion point, since he was just mentioned, has anybody seen Mamet's new play, November playing at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre and starring Nathan Lane?

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Haha - thanks!

Good job!

And I've been meaning to catch November, but free tickets haven't hit my work yet. I'm hoping they will, because I definitely would like to see it. Laurie Metcalf is fabulous!

And I hope they do soon. It's very clever and Nathan Lane and Laurie Metcalf are perfect. Totally and lusciously Mamet-strange.

Oh, wow! I'm originally from Buffalo (living in NYC now) - are you from there? What competition was this?

All the questions because, aside from writing plays I also do some work as a reviewer, and if I'm going to be up in Buffalo while you're plays on I'd love to do a piece on it.
I am from Buffalo! I live in a suburb outside of the city, but it's twenty minutes away and is obviously the center of the arts in the area. This is the Write To Be Heard competition I've won this year.

Oh wow! That would be wonderful. It will be on the 4th of May. If you'd like more information, instant message or PM me here.

Btw - nice icon. :D!! I agree.


I won that back in 1999!!!!

That's so awesome, congratulations - I hope your experience is fantastic. :)

Sadly, I have friends visiting that weekend so I won't be able to make it, but congratulations again - when I get home I'm going to try and remember to look up your email address, because I want to say "Tell XXXX I say hi if she's still in charge," but that would require posting both her name and mine on LJ...

How cool and random. I <3 the internet. :)
OMG WTF. Haha!!

Well, my email's on my page, so feel free to when you're able. That's amazing.

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